Part One

Whether you are newly licensed, or licensed a while ago, it’s important to refresh your current State Board Rules and Regulations. Laws and regulations change from time to time and as you renew your license, you need to make sure you completely understand how to remain compliant with the state you practice in.

Part One is comprised of 5 Sections with 10 Questions each for a total of 50 multiple choice questions.

This is not a score based test, but rather a completion of knowledge learned.

Refresh Your State Rules and Regulations

SCOPE OF PRACTICE: Part 1 Category A

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Category A: Scope of Practice

Introduction: Cosmetologists are licensed to perform many different services for their clients. But, they must work under their scope of practice.

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What does the regulation say about the Use of Portion of Establishment for Residential Purposes?

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As a Licensed Cosmetologist able to perform nail services, what is NOT allowed?

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As a Licensed Cosmetologist able to perform facial services, what is NOT allowed?

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What is TRUE about unlicensed persons working on a patron for paid compensation?

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Which of the following is correct for a Licensed Establishment?

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What service is NOT allowed in the Cosmetology Scope of Practice?

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As a Licensed Cosmetologist able to perform hair removal, what is NOT allowed?

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What must a Licensed Establishment have in order to be approved?

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As a Licensed Cosmetologist can you assign or direct an unlicensed individual to perform services under your direction?

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What services DO NOT have to be performed in a licensed establishment?

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Category B, Infection Control

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What do you do if a client asks you to disinfect shears or clippers in front of them

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Are baby wipes an acceptable type of wipe to disinfect implements with?

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