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generous capitalism

AARE works to uphold our founder’s uniquely developed economic model that he has coined “Generous Capitalism.” This innovative business model promotes the importance of corporate social responsibility through generous business practices. This system serves as a reminder that we must consider the larger impact our business has on our communities. Ultimately, our goal is to invest in the people and organizations around us that are the building blocks of our communities. We strive to use our top-line revenue to uplift those around us.

Generous Capitalism is about the lens through which a company works AARE upholds the principles of Generous Capitalism through our prioritization of education, community outreach, and charitable giving. Our goal is to turn our success into the success of those around us.

eye of a needle

AARE founded a local nonprofit organization called Eye of a Needle Foundation (EOAN). EOAN is a faith based 501C3 nonprofit based in San Diego, CA. This global organization works to support thousands of secular and faith-based service providing organizations and individuals worldwide. The central ideal EOAN carries throughout their work is the question: “what do I believe and how are my actions a reflection of those beliefs?”

Since EOAN’s founding, the nonprofit has provided empowering community outreach to organizations supporting individuals experiencing homelessness, incarcerated people, underprivileged communities, and children without guardians through the lens of faith-based giving.

generous giving

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